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Why Would You Need a Health Insurance Advisor ?

With so many different options out there – and it can seem like a new one comes along all too often – making a decision about just which health insurance company, and then individual health insurance  plan, is right for you is not an easy one.

To make sure that they are getting the best possible coverage, at the best possible price, a consumer really should take the time to do their research, shop around, compare prices and plans and ensure that they understand just how the ‘legalese’ and ‘small print’ affect what is truly on offer. But who really has the time to do that, when you also have 101 other things to get done every day? But there is another way to both save time and get the great health insurance you need; working with health insurance advisors.

What is a Health Insurance Advisor ?

The first thing to understand about health insurance advisors is that they are not employed by any single insurance provider. Instead, they are independent professionals whose role is to offer consumers an in depth, fair and accurate reporting of the health insurance s available to them and then assist them in choosing, and then purchasing, the right one for their unique needs.

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Health insurance advisors are not just people who have the time and the patience to wade through page after page of eye wateringly boring fine print (although that is one of the things they do). The majority of health insurance advisors have a medical background and specific training that equips them to understand not just a client’s budget but also their current and future medical needs with both an administrative and a clinical eye.

Why Should I Work With a Health Insurance Advisor ?

You can, as we already mentioned, do all of the work involved in choosing a health insurance .  Every scheme has a website and it’s usually a large and rather comprehensive one. All of them also offer customer service phone lines manned by helpful people who are there to answer your questions and, if necessary, help you enroll. But they are also there to sell, and so you are not going to get a lot of objectivity about how the plans offered by their company stack up against the competition. Or a great deal of detail about that fine print, unless you know the specific questions to ask. And they are NOT going to do any research for you, they’ll direct you back to the website to do that.

Working with a health insurance advisor  is a rather different experience. Here are just some of the very good reasons why you should consider enlisting the assistance of a health insurance advisor  when shopping for a new health insurance .

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They Know Just How to Play the Game

Even the most academically inclined people can be rather confused and overwhelmed by all of the rules regulations and conditions attached to any health insurance . There are, for example, set in stone laws that require that a medical scheme cover treatment, including medications, for certain conditions – called Prescribed Minimum Benefits – but there are loopholes and exemptions that a health insurance  provider can, and does, use in that some cases that translates into less coverage than a consumer might have assumed they were entitled to.

As they deal with these issues on a daily basis, health insurance advisors are aware of what these are and which health insurance schemes may have found a way to offer less. And it’s a knowledge that comes from what experience has taught them as they dealt with each of these companies, not from a quick look at a company website and so these are insights that that  ‘regular’ consumers are never going to be privy to.

They May have an ‘In’

Part of the work of health insurance advisors involves speaking to and dealing with the staffs of the various health insurance  schemes. One of the results of these interactions is that relationships are formed that often mean that health insurance advisor s have something of an ‘in’.

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Sometimes that means being able to snag  an extra discount for consumers and sometimes it means being able to help a consumer take advantage benefits and offers that, while are technically available to all, are so under promoted  that many people don’t know to ask for them

They Can Be the Voice of Reason

Deciding just how much healthcare coverage you really need can be tough, especially if you are trying to keep the costs down.  Those who are on a budget are often quick to opt for the bare minimum in order to save but that is often not in their best interests, and they find themselves lacking coverage down the line.

A medical insurance consultant walks consumers through all of their options – and all of the possible medical scenarios they may face – and then helps them make a calm, rational decision that best balances the need for affordability with the need to have access to affordable, but adequate, care.


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