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Three Exciting New Medical Gadgets Designed to Change Kids Lives

Tech innovations – and new medical gadgets created as a result of said technical innovations – are truly beginning to change the face of healthcare and the way it is delivered. But it is not just the Fitbits and the smartphone connected basic monitors that are making a difference, there is even more innovative new medical gadgets tech on the horizon, and today we are taking a look at some of the most promising out there that are designed to improve the health of some of the most vulnerable patients; kids.

Sproutel Companion Robots

new medical gadgets

There is little worse for a parent – or medical providers come to that matter – than trying to calm the fears of a very sick child when they are being treated. Working in conjunction with health insurance companies and medical providers a Providence, Rhode Island based robotics company, Sproutel, is lending its expertise to create companion robots to help comfort – and educate the sickest of these children and doing so in a cute, compassionate and even rather cool way.

Their current offerings include My Aflac Duck, a duck doll, created in conjunction with Aflac themselves who is given to children receiving chemotherapy and basically receives the same ‘treatment’ as they do while also being able to sing, dance and tell jokes and Jerry the Bear, a companion doll for children with Type 1 diabetes that can be used to help kids learn how to manage their own diabetes by ‘treating’ Jerry’s. Also in the works are companion robots for those with food allergies, anxiety and autism.

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The Nima Peanut Sensor

new medical gadgets

It is a nightmare scenario for anyone who suffers from a peanut allergy; consuming what they believed to be nut free food only to discover that it was indeed contaminated, but only doing so when an allergic reaction reveals that fact. A fear that they will suffer as a result of poor information, or a lack of knowledge, means that many of these people choose not to eat out or try new places to food shop. It’s particularly stressful for the parents of children who suffer from peanut allergies, as they cannot always be with them when they eat.

The Nima Peanut Sensor aims to change that. As its name suggests it makes use of antibody based chemistry to test a sample of food for peanut protein. It does not just test recently prepared foods though, it can be used to check the ingredients in prepackaged foods. While the manufacturers advise that it is no substitute for the regular precautions an allergy sufferer usually takes, it is already making a difference in the lives of many and has won a number of prestigious tech awards as result and is being embraced by several health insurers as a covered item.

The Kolibree Magic Toothbrush

new medical gadgets

Good dental hygiene does more than just lead to healthy teeth, it prevents infections that can cause problems throughout the rest of the body too. But, as almost any parent can attest to, getting kids to brush their teeth properly can be a real battle, but if that battle is not fought and won it can lead to poor dental hygiene habits for life.

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The Kolibree Magic Toothbrush is a kid-centric toothbrush that uses a smartphone along with augmented reality to get kids excited about brushing their teeth. At the same time it uses artificial intelligence to learn and adapt to each individual child’s habits and then goes about creating digital lessons to help the child correct the bad ones. Via a system of rewards and achievements the toothbrush keeps working for as long as is needed, meaning it can be used by anyone from toddlers to adults.

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