The Surprising Benefits of Massage For Office Workers

Anyone who thinks an office job and sitting at a desk for hours at a time is easier on the body than a more physical job has probably never had to work under such conditions. Ask most people who have to spend long periods of time at a desk and they will be more than likely to tell you that neck, shoulder and lower back pain and tightness are all too often the bane of their lives.

In fact, study after study has shown that these ‘sitting injuries’ result in thousands of lost work hours every year, along with a reduction in productivity. As no employer wants that it really is time that more of them began to pay more attention to the conditions that their office workers toil under and take action to improve them, and the benefits of massage are increasingly being used in these efforts.

The Toll of a Desk Job

There are several reasons a desk job can be so physically damaging but the biggest is that the human body really is not designed to be so sedentary.

In an ideal situation, those who work at a desk could get up every 15 minutes and walk around, which would relieve some stiffness but for most people if they made a habit of doing that every day they would quickly find they no longer had a job to go to at all.

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A better laid out workstation is helpful as well, one that is more ergonomically correct. Ideally your computer monitor should be right at eye level and about an arm’s length away from you. Chairs should have arms that support your elbows easily and should fit your body in a way that hips and knees should be at a 90-degree angle with your whole foot resting easily on the floor.

Again though persuading your company to buy a whole new set of office furniture just to help relieve your employees aches and pains can be a hard sell. And even with all the right stuff the inactivity still takes a big toll on anyone’s body.

Anyone For (Office) Massage?

Did you know that more and more companies are offering in office massage sessions once in a while to employees. Why? Regular massage can go a long way to help relieve the misery of the aches and pains that so many desk workers suffer from. But it can offer other benefits as well.

Massage helps relieve stress and anxiety, can help combat the chronic headaches that many office workers suffer from and has been proven in a number of studies to help improve mental clarity and a person’s ability to concentrate and to do so for a longer period of time. All very good reasons to stop seeing massage as a luxury you reserve for your days off but as something that is essential to your employees’ success!

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