Team Building With Challenge Apps: 3 Great Choices
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Team Building Remotely With Fitness Challenge Apps: 3 Great Choices

Healthy team competition – there’s nothing like it. Especially when applied literally in a group fitness challenge: it releases endorphins, strengthens relationships and supports personal well-being. It also helps to bring a team closer together.

These challenges can be hard to organize however, especially if some of your staff work remotely. Which a huge number of Georgians still are at the moment. Getting everyone together for a run/walk/paintball session can turn into more of a challenge for management than anything else, especially now there are social distancing logistics to add into the mix.

One way to get around all this is to make use of a group challenge app. This way, not only are team challenges easier to run but everyone can join in, no matter where they are. There are a growing number of them available, but here’s a look at three of our favorites.


MoveSpring is an easy-to-use activity and step challenge platform designed especially for company challenges. Users can connect a wearable device or smartphone to track their activity, which syncs in real time to native iOS, Android and web apps.

There are four types of challenge, but the most popular for teams is “leader board”, which shows everyone’s progress in one simple dashboard. If the sheer fun of competing against one another was not enough – and it is fun – enough, managers can also add a carrot, choosing from a variety of rewards to award the winners.

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Charity Miles

Get everyone in your company moving – running, walking dancing, cycling, whatever and do good at the same time. For every mile tracked in your Charity Miles team, you earn money for a charity from the app’s sponsorship pool.

This is a brilliantly selfless approach to competition, allowing you to raise money to support others while you and your colleagues get a good workout. You also have the added option to get sponsored by friends during the competition. Monitor your progress on the leader board to directly see the funds you’ve collectively raised for unparalleled motivation.

My Virtual Mission

My Virtual Mission allows you to set up a virtual route anywhere in the world for your team to “travel”. Then let everyone get stuck into their favorite activities – running, walking, swimming – and track your group progress along your path.

This app puts an interesting spin on isolated team activity, by connecting your team in a single virtual journey. It’s all about taking something mundane and making it visual and engaging. Everyone can plot their progress on your group map and get visuals of the surroundings at each location, as well as live weather updates!

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