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Summer Fitness Tips to Keep Your Workouts On Track in the Heat

Summer is great. The summer is lovely. Especially this year when we’ve all been shut inside for weeks. But, there is a problem with summer in Georgia that all of us have to deal with; it’s just so darn hot outside. And that heat, as we all know, can be very draining, leaving us feeling rather lethargic and barely capable of climbing onto a sun lounger to catch the last rays of the day after work, let alone making the effort to work out. That summer lethargy often affects your performance – and that of your employees – at work too.

But the summer is no time to let yourself go. For many businesses, the summer is a very busy time, especially if workloads are a little heavier because of staff vacations. You need your staff at their best, and healthy employees are more productive employees, so putting the brakes on their fitness routines because of heat is the last thing they – or you need. And it is swimsuit season after all.

Putting the ‘cool factor’, and some energy, back into your workout routine in the summer isn’t as hard as it seems though. Here are just a few great summer fitness tips and tricks to get everybody in your office – including you – started.

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‘Manually’ Adjust Your Body Temperature

To do this, hop into a cold shower before you begin your workout, whatever it may be. Not tepid, cold. A recent German study found that pro athletes that adopted this ‘routine’ in the summer performed significantly better in the heat than their ‘warmer’ counterparts. This is most likely because that blast of cold water lowers both your core and skin temperatures significantly.

Just too chicken to do a real cold shower (we admit, it’s not a fun experience)? Even just rinsing your hair in cold water will help, and that is far less jarring. And if you need even more motivation to dial down the hot water consider this. Additional research has revealed that colder showers can boost the immune system and elevate mood as well. 

Change Directions

You love your usual walking/jogging./running route. It’s convenient to your home/office, offers some rather nice scenery and is easy to navigate because you practically know it like the back of your hand. However, in the summer except for 6am and 11pm it’s a suntrap that makes you feel like you are moving through a broiler.

Rather than trying to deal with it, which can be annoying and even dangerous, it really is time to change routes for a while. Something as simple as Google Maps and a good weather app can help you determine a cooler path and it’ll add some variety to your life, anyway.

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Get the Dirt

The strangest of our summer fitness tips perhaps, but still an important one. Wherever possible try to walk, run, bike, rollerblade (or whatever takes your fancy) on dirt or gravel paths. Why? because asphalt and concrete not only really heat up in the summer but they throw off a lot of heat as well, making you feel hotter and stickier faster. And if you live near water, even if it’s just the swimming pool in your yard nix dry land altogether and enjoy a cooling swim instead. Still great exercise, still tons of calories burned but much, much cooler.

Indulge in a Minty Pick You Up

Essential oils can be used for all kinds of things and that includes beating the heat during workouts. Research has found that by simply dabbing a few drops of peppermint oil on your temples and the back of your neck before you workout or exercise in the summer really can make a difference. The researchers found that athletes who did this ran faster, demonstrated greater grip strength and even managed more push-ups and pull ups than peers with similar physical abilities who did not.

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