Six Facts About Employee Massage Every Employer Should Know

Six Facts About Employee Massage Every Employer Should Know

When many people think about massage therapy, they tend to think it’s a luxury that is reserved only for those who head off to some swanky spa somewhere once or twice a year. But massage is not a luxury, if you want to be healthier and happier it’s practically a necessity.

An increasing number of employers are becoming aware of this fact and are offering in office employee massages on a regular basis as a part of their employee wellness program. But what are the real benefits of massage that would make it worth you considering for your employees?

Here are just six things about employee massage you may not have known – but everyone should.

Massage Can Provide Great, Natural Pain Relief

Chances are that you have heard that general muscular aches and pains, joint stiffness and even sometimes pinched nerves can be alleviated by massage. What you may not know is that massage can also help relieve migraine pain, chronic back pain, arthritis pain, even menstrual pain – and those are just a few of the conditions it can help ease!

Massage Improves Your Circulation

Regular massage helps improve your circulation and helps your body deliver more much needed oxygen to your blood cells while also encouraging the body to flush out toxins that can make you feel drained, ill and even make you fat!

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Massage Helps Improve Flexibility

Massage can improve tissue elasticity which can improve your flexibility and the range of motion you have in your joints. Anyone can benefit but athletes really find that a massage before, after, or even during their events, matches or training sessions can really help enhance their performance.

Massage Helps You Heal Faster

Massage helps relieve pain and swelling, promotes faster healing of injuries like strained ligaments and strained muscles and helps prevent the formation of painful scar tissue. Many doctors advise that their patients use massage to help them recover from certain surgeries or after they have been injured as a part of their overall rehabilitation plan.

Massage Can Help You Sleep Better

Most people find that they get a fantastic night’s sleep the day they go for a massage and the benefits can last for days afterwards.

Massage is Good for Your Brain

In addition to the amazing stress relief a good massage can provide your brain function can benefit in other ways as well. Massage helps improve your ability to think clearly and concentrate better, helps release suppressed emotions that may be holding you back from achieving your full potential and can even help reduce eye strain, which makes spending those eight hours at a desk staring at a computer screen far less harmful.

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Any human resources manager can tell you that it costs a lot to hire and train new employees, so keeping good workers happy is important. By bringing massage to employees directly, workplaces are helping take part in the health and wellness of their employees.

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