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It’s Not All Bad News For Businesses In the Face of COVID-19

During these stressful and uncertain times in the midst of coronavirus, it can be easy to give into anxiety. And to the idea that life – and your company – will never be the same again.

In some ways, the latter is likely to be true, and that includes within businesses. This new normal is difficult to adjust to that’s for sure, but there are some ways this pandemic has changed how we work for the better. Seriously.

It might sound over optimistic or even a little crazy, but many workplaces – and employees and their managers – but in some ways we have all quite probably been benefiting from all the chaos. Here’s a look at some ways that’s been happening.

Remote Work is Being More Widely Embraced

While some companies have been embracing remote work, many more have been resistant. But the coronavirus has forced employers to allow as many employees to work from home as possible.

This, undoubtedly, will be eye-opening for many managers. Jobs they didn’t think could be done remotely are being done remotely and very well at that. When things go back to normal, a lot of companies may change their stance on remote work.

Relaxed Regulatory Requirements

With many state governments ordering residents to stay at home, certain employment requirements are being waived. For example, new employees don’t need to present I.D. in person – over email or video is fine. And many of the paper verifications you, as a manager, may still have had to complete have quickly gone online too.

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The Rise of Telemedicine.

Telemedicine has also become a popular alternative to in-person doctor visits – a trend that should continue once things go back to normal. In terms of what that means for employers the hours lost to employed doctors’ office visit should be significant.

The convenience telemedicine offers employees should help them take better care of themselves too. If they don’t have to lose a day off work to see a doctor they are far more likely to do so. And healthier employees is never a bad thing.

Companies are Being More Flexible.

Things are the opposite of “business as usual” right now, and employers are adjusting. They’re offering employees more slack as they care for their families while working from home.

Some are even stepping up and helping out with this global crisis – alcohol producers are making hand sanitizer, and a few manufacturers are now making ventilators. They are tapping into new skills they perhaps never knew their employees had, and/or new capabilities – and maybe even markets – that had been previously overlooked.

Teamwork is Improving

Although they are physically distant many teams who usually work together in an office are finding they are more connected and cohesive than ever. Laughs are being had when a team member introduces their child or pet on Zoom. Projects are being completed faster, as suddenly there is more of a ‘can do’ spirit. Teammates are supporting one another’s fears and worries, which creates a tighter bond.

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All of this is something that should carry back to the office and make it a happier, more productive place for everyone when we are all finally allowed to return to work.

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