How to Help New Hires Adjust to Your Company Culture

How to Help New Hires Adjust to Your Company Culture

The on-boarding of new employees is definitely a process, and it takes time for new hires to learn everything they need to be successful in their new role.

Aside from learning the basics that they need to do their job, as well as ongoing training and employee development, learning the company culture and how they fit into it is very important as well.

Managers and HR personnel can aid in this transition by making it as smooth and comfortable as possible. Here is a look at few ways to make new hires feel at home in a new environment so that they can reach their full potential as the latest addition to your business no matter what role they will be playing.

1. Assign a Mentor

Choose someone, preferably on the same team as your new hire, who can serve as a mentor. This person should have a significant amount of experience, understand the company culture, and be able to provide guidance when needed. Your new hire should know that this is a person to reach out to for assistance at any point in time.

2. Explain the Basics

It’s easy to forget that the simplest things about the job can be intimidating to a new employee. Give them helpful information. Even the absolute basics, like where to buy lunch, where the restroom keys are kept, and how to get around the building are all things that new hires need to to be informed about.

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3. Prepare Team-Specific Information

Each team or department has a different way of doing things, so encourage each of them to compile information that only “insiders” know. This could be anything from goal-setting best practices to how to track tasks to guidelines for communicating internally. If this is prepared in advance, you can include it in the new hire’s welcome packet and help them get 'up to speed' on how things are done in your company even faster.

4. Schedule Informal Gatherings

An informal gathering right at the end of the day can be a great way for new hires to mingle and meet other employees. Organize a coffee break for the last half an hour of the day. This is an easy yet effective way to help new hires learn what is typical of the company culture as well as to break the ice with people they may not have been introduced to yet.

5. Leave Your Door Open for Communication

Let your new hires know that your office is a safe space and that you are always available if they have a question. By keeping communication open, you can help ensure that they have a smooth transition and that any issues along the way are addressed.

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Even the most talented new employees need some guidance when it comes to learning the ropes. Their successful transition into the company culture will directly impact their own productivity and success and so taking the time to help them understand and adjust to your company's practices and expectations really will pay off.

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