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Healthcare This Week – A Look at the Stories Making Headlines

Best Buy Is Quietly Getting Into the Home Healthcare Business

Consumers have been going to Best Buy to indulge their passion for home tech, electronics, music and video gaming for decades. However, if the company’s latest venture pans out the way they’d like, they may soon be headed there for home healthcare supplies as well. Read More

Deloitte’s Vision of the Future of Healthcare Revealed

Deloitte Life Sciences and Health Care recently launched their vision for healthcare in 2040. It’s a fascinating set of ideas, centered around the increasing roles that personalization, big data and new roles for health insurance providers and suppliers. Read More

How the Rise of Telemedicine Will Change Healthcare For Good

Routine doctor visits via Facetime? Digital urgent care that’s available even on Christmas Day? It sounds like sci-fi but increasingly telemedicine is allowing providers to cut operating costs, treat patients more efficiently and service communities that are traditionally lacking in vital basic healthcare. And according to a report from the American Council on Science and Health, its expanding reach will change the face of healthcare for good. Read More

Employee Health and Wellness Benefits Influence Career Decisions for 87% of Millennials

Having now been in the workforce for a while, as they seek career advancement opportunities health and wellness benefits are increasingly influencing their decisions. According to a new report from staffing firm OfficeTeam 87% of the Millennials they surveyed stated that a company’s health and wellness package influenced their decision to consider a position. Read More

Life Insurance for Mothers - The (Obvious) Reasons Why It's a Must

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