Happiness is a State of Mind – 5 Top Tips for Achieving It

Happiness is a State of Mind – 5 Top Tips for Achieving It

Why do they say happiness is a state of mind? And what do you think – is it really so?

Psychologists say it’s not events that determine our feeling of well -being but rather how we think and react to them. It’s essential that you should have a positive outlook on everything around you in order to be truly happy.

Imagine you are surrounded by everything you have ever wanted but feel it’s not enough. This exact feeling of negativism is the reason why you will never feel happiness even at in such a longed for moment. So, whether the glass is half full or half empty depends entirely on you.

All of this sounds great in theory, of course. Happiness is a great feeling mentally and a great deal of scientific research has shown that it’s great for your physical wellbeing too. But how can we achieve this jollier state of mind, one in which we manage feel positive about almost everything and manage to feel happy every day? Here are a few ideas, tips and exercises that can help achieve that goal:

Learn to Look for Solutions, Not Problems

Often we look at a potentially sad or worrying situation in negative terms only. Rather than getting upset by dwelling on a problem though make conscious efforts to work on finding a solution. Take that big, looming bill for example. Rather than letting it color every day until it’s paid blue, actively work on a solution.

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Check your budget and work out where cuts could be made. Make a call and ask for a payment arrangement. It may take some work to find a solution but once you do you’ll be happier for sure, especially as you’ll have the satisfaction of having worked it all out by yourself.

Learn What Antidotes to Bad Days Work for You

Even the happiest people have bad days. Days when nothing went right at work or when the kids, or your partner, to be frank, drove you crazy. There are simple ways to stop these days from ruining your overall sense of happiness though.

For some it’s listening to their favorite music. For others it’s losing themselves in a good book or a great movie. And for others it’s getting out and just walking away (literally) for a while. Work out what your ‘antidote’ to unhappiness is and break it out on an ‘as needed’ basis whenever those bad days threaten to spoil your positive state of mind.

Focus on What You’ve Achieved, Not What You Haven’t

Failure can be a horrible feeling. But it does not have to be. There are positives to be found even in failure. For example, you didn’t get that promotion you were after? Well at least you took a chance and put yourself forward.

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Learn from the person who did and strive to make yourself the kind of employee who’ll get it next time. Or maybe just enjoy the job you have or begin taking positive steps towards obtaining a different job where your talents will be better appreciated.

Treat Yourself Once a Day

We don’t mean in a monetary sense as most of us could not afford to do that. Often the nicest rewards are actually free anyway.

Spend an hour with your partner, kids or other friends and family just ‘hanging out’. Go for a walk and take the time to appreciate the landscape around you. Watch a ‘guilty pleasure’ program on TV rather than the often depressing nightly news. Resolving to do one thing that makes you – and maybe only you – happy every day with help keep you happier overall.

Treat Others Once a Day Too

Doing something nice for someone else can be very uplifting too. Not buying something for someone, doing something. Making your child their favorite meal as a surprise. Helping someone else in a ‘bad spot’ without being asked. Skyping a friend or relative you haven’t seen for a while. There are lots of ways that you can make other people’s days a bit brighter and their smiles will make you smile too.

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