Georgia Healthcare News Roundup for The Week of 2/22/2019

Governor Kemp Touts His ‘Patients First’ Healthcare Proposal

Last week, with the backing of Governor Kemp, Georgia Senate Republicans filed “The Patients First Act,” which outlines a two-prong solution. First, the bill would allow the state to seek a waiver from the federal government to change Medicaid in Georgia. It would also allow for a similar waiver for the insurance marketplace created under the Affordable Care Act. But what would that really mean for the average Georgian? Read More

Georgia Tech Leading the Fight to Stem Teen Suicide Rates

Teen suicide is a subject that the administration and the students at Georgia Tech know more about than they might have liked to, as a number of students have taken their lives over the course of the last two years. Rather than sit back and talk about it though both students and staff are taking positive action to address the issue and help stem the tide of what has become a national, as well as regional problem. Read More

New Report: Atlanta Ranks in Top 20 Healthiest Cities, According to

According to a new report released by WalletHub, of the 174 US cities they studied and surveyed, Atlanta ranks 19th. The survey took into account four major factors; health care, food, fitness and green space. But just how did Atlanta manage to ‘beat out’ so many other cities, and even finish 6th in the fitness category? Read More

Post COVID-19 Workplace Reopening Tips
Mobile Clinic Helps Keep Atlanta Schoolkids With Asthma Healthier

Known as the ‘asthma van’ a mobile clinic funded by the Ronald McDonald House in partnership with the Atlanta pediatric system is helping keep school children diagnosed with asthma healthier and in school. Read More

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