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Georgia Healthcare News for the Week of March 29, 2019

Patients First Act Signed Into Law

Gov. Brian Kemp on Wednesday signed the “Patients First Act,” authorizing the state to pursue a Medicaid waiver.

If approved, a waiver could give Georgia the flexibility to expand Medicaid more conservatively than federal rules typically allow. The legislation caps eligibility for any expansion to those at or below the federal poverty level, limiting the number of Georgians who could ultimately be covered. Kemp says the plan will allow Georgia healthcare to cover more citizens and lower private insurance premiums. many others disagree. Read More

Limited Mental Health Services Blamed For High County Death Rate

Georgia’s firearm death rate is 15.4 per 100,000 people, compared to 12 for the entire nation. So what is driving the state’s numbers, especially in more rural counties? According to the sheriff in one of the worst affected counties, Lincoln County, a lack of mental health services is a large part of the problem. Read More

Bill to Require Disclosure By Non-Profit Georgia Hospitals Passes in State Senate

A bill that would require nonprofit hospitals — but not for-profit hospitals — to publish information such as their biggest administrative salaries has passed the Georgia Senate on a vote of 41-11. Read More

Innovative Contraceptive Jewelry Developed at Georgia Tech

Earrings that look fashionable but also prevent unwanted pregnancy? Watches that do the same? It sounds far-fetched but contraceptive jewelry is exactly what is being developed by researchers at the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Georgia Tech. Read More

Georgia Healthcare News Roundup for The Week of 2/22/2019

Forsyth County Named ‘Healthiest’ in Georgia

Forsyth County ranks as the healthiest county in Georgia, holding the title now for the past seven years. And the next four healthiest — Oconee, Cherokee, Fayette and Gwinnett — are the same as last year’s, in the newly released 2019 County Health Rankings. All five counties are suburban and in the northern half of the state. Read More 

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