Eating Good at The Stadium? Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium Has Made It Possible

Super Bowl LIII introduced a lot of out of towners to Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium. And while many were no doubt stunned by the amazing architecture – it’s a truly beautiful stadium – as well as by the ticket prices – this was the Super Bowl after all, they were probably nicely surprised at the concession stands. As Atlanta Falcons fans have known for some time, eating and drinking at the Mercedes Benz is not only unusually affordable by stadium standards but it’s rather healthy – if you want it to be – as well.

No Sticker Shock Here

Anyone who goes to a big stadium expects to either spend their time without eating or drinking – tough if it’s a four hour football game, a hot afternoon of baseball or a sticky, sweaty rock concert – or face being price gouged at the concession stands. $6-8 for a small soda is not unusual and $10 is the standard for a plastic beaker of Budweiser. One hot dog can be expected to cost $6 more and those meal baskets – the ones that feature things like chicken tenders and fries – it’s rare to get much change from a $20 bill for those.

However, things are different at Mercedes Benz. That hot dog?  $2. A refillable soda? Same price. Nachos and cheese? $3. And the beer ? Surprise: Only $5. That one must have stunned LA Rams fans who are used to paying a whopping $20 back at home. And that dreaded chicken tender basket? An affordable $6.

Healthy Options? At a Football Game?

Increasingly people are making an effort to eat healthier. Even if they can’t quite commit to going vegetarian altogether the popularity of things like Meat Free Mondays is growing. They are also paying more attention to the quality of ingredients and the actual calorific values of the foods they consume. But all of that usually goes out of the window when you head to a ballpark.

Not if you are heading to Mercedes Benz Stadium though. At various points along the concourses you’ll find a Quinoa Roasted Veggie Burger, fresh organic salads, vegetarian hot dogs and even the burgers are made using Atlanta raised, grass fed beef.

All sounds good right? If you missed the Super Bowl – didn’t we all – there will still be plenty of chances to check out both Atlanta’s new stadium and its surprisingly good eats before the Falcons return in August. The MLS champion Atlanta United FC will be back in March and it will also be the site of this year’s Men’s Final Four basketball tournament.

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