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Attain By Aetna; The Apple App That Rewards Users For Healthy Habits

Want a new Apple Watch? If you happen to be an Aetna member all it may take is a few tweaks to your health and wellness routines and a little patience.

In a move that is the first of its kind – but probably not the last – Aetna have teamed up with Apple to offer the Attain by Aetna app, an app designed to make us of the data from Apple’s Health app to track a member’s health habits, suggest improvements and, once members have met certain targets and goals, reward them for their efforts. And those rewards can, if you want them to, take the form of that new Apple watch you’ve been coveting.

Participation requires that Aetna members have an iPhone 5S or later and an Apple Watch Series 1 or later. After users have downloaded and installed the Attain app, they will have the additional option to share their Attain program data and health history with Apple, which will allow Apple and Aetna to collaborate, and over time, continue to improve the Attain experience, via analytics and machine learning.

Said Jeff Williams, Apple’s COO, “We believe that people should be able to play a more active role in managing their well-being. Every day, we receive emails and letters from people all over the world who have found great benefit by incorporating Apple Watch into their lives and daily routines. As we learn over time, the goal is to make more customized recommendations that will help members accomplish their goals and live healthier lives.”

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Data Security and User Privacy Concerns

Some people may be a little leery of sharing so much personal data, biy both Aetna and Apple say that user privacy and data security are at the heart of tae app and that those that choose to opt in can be assured that they will be fully protected fully in compliance with HIPAA. Information from this program will not be used for underwriting, premium or coverage decisions.

How Will the Attain By Aetna App Work?

The app will be surprisingly diverse. It offers weekly health challenges and personalized daily and weekly activity goals, based on each participant’s age, sex and weight. Attain’s definition of activity is not restricted to steps taken and includes other activities measured by the Apple Health App and Apple Watch, such as sleeping, swimming and yoga.

As they complete their activity goals and recommended healthy actions, participants earn reward points, which can be redeemed to offset the cost of a new Apple Watch or for gift cards to popular national retailers.

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