AI and HR - The Next Big Thing?

AI and HR – The Next Big Thing?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is now a daily part of work for a growing number of HR professionals. Just a few years ago, that was not the case. Now, companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Amazon are pouring tens of millions of dollars into research and development. And it’s having an impact on HR. The same companies are building AI-solutions that change the way HR recruits, hires, develops and engages employees.

Artificial Intelligence is defined as a computer science that uses machine-learning algorithms designed to mimic human cognitive functions. Essentially, developers of the technology try to make interactions with a machine similar to interactions with a human by allowing them to sense, comprehend, act and learn.With the use of AI and the data it gathers from employees, HR can shift from guesswork; trusting their “gut” to making data-driven decisions derived from predictive analytics.So, how are HR departments implementing AI? Here are some of the most common uses gaining traction in 2020

Job Candidate Interviews

The number of companies using artificial intelligence to screen and hire new talent is growing. Some of the more notable ones include General Electric (GE) and Hilton Worldwide. AI can much more efficiently scrutinize a job candidate for potential employment. It can scan work samples, review social media posts, and even analyze faces. In fact, Unilever has been hiring all of its entry-level employees using AI. At Unilever, candidates are asked to play neuroscience-based games. These games are meant to check the inherent traits of the candidate. They are also asked to record interviews. Those are then analyzed by Artificial Intelligence looking at different data points such as intonation, word choice and facial movements.

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Removing Bias

As a whole, HR is seeing a huge push to remove as much bias from hiring practices as possible. Artificial Intelligence can help level the playing field. How? Specifically, it can look for ways to better job posts and descriptions. It can also help create questionnaires that are not biased and can help ease the same issue regarding screening.

Remote Hiring

The freelance market or gig economy is growing. A standard HR department usually does not have the expertise needed to hire these types of workers as it is new to the space. In time, that will change but until then AI can help in that it can identify traits and parameters needed for a particular type of remote worker. It can look through an applicant’s previous job history and work samples to see if the person is a fit for the remote position offered by your company.

Onboarding with Chat Bots

AI enhances the onboarding experience through chat bots. These bots are programmed to answer questions or direct new employees to the right information. One might as: how does this better the employee experience? It’s a two pronged answer. First, chat bots offer a level of quick responsiveness. That responsiveness builds trust. That translates to the potential for higher retention rates. AI can automate certain parts of the onboarding experience such as collecting I-9s, W-4s, employment agreements and work eligibility information from new hires. at a time when many offices are operating remotely in the face of COVID-19 restrictions this can be a huge help and a big time saver.

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AI-driven Learning

Artificial Intelligence can also be an employee instructor of sorts. The technology can host, verify and track training and development. AI learning offers a self-driven approach at the employee’s level and on their timetable. With 24/7 mobile access, not only can employees learn at their own speed, but employers can monitor that progress. AI can also determine the best course of study for individual employees. As the worker progresses through the training, AI can customize and adjust in real time based on the employee’s performance.

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