6 Low-Cost Employee Benefits You Can Implement Today Your Staff Will Love
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6 Low-Cost Employee Benefits You Can Implement Today Your Staff Will Love

Today's employees are looking for more, at least in terms of the benefits packages provided by employers. However, the costs of providing benefits that go above and beyond standard healthcare and basic life insurance can prove a sticking point between HR and finance departments.

As many reports and surveys that are issued and published outlining the benefits to companies of providing extra wellness and lifestyle perks the real costs involved are always going to be a concern.

However, a little creative thinking can go a long way. Here are some low-cost employee benefits you can add to help ensure your staff  stay healthy, happy, and more productive all year long.

Relax the Dress Code

This particular example of low-cost employee benefits will actually cost you, as a company, nothing, but many of your employees, those who are tired of the cost and the stress of keeping up with the office 'fashion show' will often view a more relaxed dress code as a major benefit.

While no one is suggesting that employees be allowed to come to work in sweats adopting a more business casual approach to office attire – and allowing things like jeans and sneakers on Fridays and summer dress downs can prove very successful and very popular.

Offer Telecommuting Options

A better work life balance can lead to greater employee wellbeing and to greater job satisfaction. Having the option to work from home at least occasionally is a benefit that a large number of employees, especially those with long or hectic commutes will definitely appreciate.

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Set Up a Stress Free Zone

Another of the low cost employee benefits that is reasonably easy and affordable to offer in almost any work place is a break room that is designated a stress free zone. This means a place where the lighting is softer, the seating is cushier, there's relaxing music and light, fun reading material available so that taking a break from their desk is a real pleasure, not just 15 minutes off the clock.

Implement a Corporate Discount Program

The chances are good that your company has – or can get – discounts and perks from a wide range of local vendors, and possibly national ones as well. Passing on these discounts and perks to your employees in the form of a corporate discount program is something many of them will definitely appreciate.

Fund Family Events – and Include the 'Furkids'

A huge big benefit that many employees will love is if the company embraces family and hosts a few family-friendly events each year. Try an old-fashioned summertime picnic or a winter holiday gathering complete with entertainment for the kids. And don't forget the growing number of people who consider their pets their 'furkids' and allow the occasional bring your pet to work day, or even just a dog park meetup where you provide the snacks on an occasional basis.

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Offer Multiple Insurance Plan Options

There really should not be a “one-size-fits-all” approach to employee benefits anymore. Employees want several levels of health benefits when choosing group plans. Talk to your plan providers to come up with ways to make your plans more customized to suit a wider variety of different employee needs.

Remember, employees really do appreciate it when they feel that they work for a thoughtful, caring employer. Implementing any of the ideas covered here won't cost your company a great deal and yet the low cost employee benefits they provide will showcase you, as an employer, to your employees – and potential future hires – in a very positive light.

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