5 Great Gadgets to Improve Productivity and Health in the Office
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5 Great Gadgets to Improve Productivity and Health in the Office

There are many things we can optimize to become as productive as possible at work while also staying healthier. Making use of to-do lists, improving our eating habits and sleep patterns, enforcing regular break times and more. And now, we have access to even more tools to help us get even more done, and do it better.

Time and health are two of anyone's most valuable resources, so any gadget that helps you save time and/or feel better is certainly worth a look. In 2020 there are some very interesting ones out there. Here's a look at some of them.

Upright Go

We have often written here – and so have many others elsewhere – about the health dangers office 'sitting' causes. Slouching while sitting is particularly problematic as it leads to things like nagging back pain, poor digestion, nerve construction and even, according to some research studies an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. And yet many of us still do it, as it's hard to pay attention to our posture when we also have to pay attention to our work.

The Upright Go is a small gadget designed to help change that. Worn like a backwards pendant with the gadget touching the upper back, or directly attached using a special sticky pad, it vibrates gently to alert you whenever you slouch. It also comes with a smartphone app that allows you to see your posture habits and statistics, set goals for improvement and monitor your progress.

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The Timeflip is worth a look by anyone who wants to take better control of their time and boost productivity.

Essentially TimeFlip is a die with 12 flat sides that you can assign tasks to.If you've ever played D&D, yes, it looks like one of the die you may have used then.

When you are working on a particular task, whether it’s working on an active project, checking e-mails or taking a break, you place the TimeFlip so that particular task faces up. Time tracking starts automatically and all statistics are stored in the cloud.

You can get a full graphical analysis of your time usage for the last day, week, month or even the year, by accessing the app or web interface and even take advantage of tips to improve productivity that are based off that data.


There have long been softwares available to block distracting websites but the fact is that many of them are cumbersome and time consuming to use, are easy to override and easy to not bother using at all. Saent is a physical button that aims to change all that.

According to the creators of Saent: “If you have a physical or visual cue, that makes any behavior change much stronger if there’s something in the environment to actually remind you.” So, the button is what does the trick – hit it and your computer gets a virtual lockdown, where you don’t have access to your most common distractions in previously set timed sessions.

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It has another purpose too, one that can be especially helpful to those who work in an open office environment. It can act as a visual cue for your coworkers displaying when you are busy and should not be disturbed and yes, it too captures all kinds of stats related to your productivity and how it improves over time.

Rocketbook Notebook

Some of us still crave that pen and paper experience in the digital age and that is what the Rocketbook Notebook offers, but with a bit of a twist. Write in it with any of the Pilot Frixion line pens, scan your notes with the Rocketbook app to transfer them to any of preferred cloud service, and then just wipe pages clean with a wet piece of fabric. Simple as that!

The Rocketbook Notebook looks and feels like a regular notebook, but it is constructed from a polyester composite that makes it endlessly reusable. And thanks to the app you can flawlessly organize your notes in a blink of an eye and then email them to those who prefer to keep things in the digital world.

KOIOS Air Purifier

The top-rated compact Koios Upgraded air purifier uses HEPA filtration to keep you breathing easier in your 5-foot-by-5-foot office cubicle. It has a single on/off button, three-stage filtration, and a three-year warranty. Breathing cleaner air means fewer days calling in sick, and what employee -and their managers – doesn't want that?

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