5 Easy Ways to Energize Your Team in the Workplace
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5 Easy Ways to Energize Your Team in the Workplace

Sometimes workplaces need a reboot in the energy department. Some might say on Mondays especially, but that can be the case at any time. If the general vibe of your office is blah, it’s likely that so-so work products are the result. But it's not hard to motivate a team in the workplace. It’s not expensive, either. Read on for some suggestions on how to boost your team’s energy starting today:

1. Give Lots of Compliments

Feedback is a must for employers to give their team some guidance on what is working and what's not. As with most leadership styles, there's a best way to offer feedback — both negative and positive.So what does that look like?Experiment with offering a positive comment prior to giving a negative one. It's hard to hear negative feedback, but if it's paired with positive recognition of what a team does well, it balances out the negative. Positive feedback pushes people to improve, too. Always getting negative feedback does quite the opposite. Employees will quit if they don’t feel appreciated, workplace surveys show.How to do it:

  • Look at ways to give recognition and praise
  • Give the whole team a compliment
  • Make it a habit and watch engagement rise
  • Focus on the positive improvements first
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Try leading with a compliment at the next meeting for a big project. See how recipients respond to it. Over a period of a few weeks, watch the effects unfold in each interaction you have with workers.

2. Encourage Employees to be Creative and Engaged

The experts in your company want to be asked to use their talents in the best possible way. If leadership doesn’t ask for opinions or allow for open brainstorming sessions, it can stifle creativity. Ask employees to brainstorm systems and/or process improvements to help solve problems. Encourage them to bring forth ideas for new projects. Employees who feel they are making a difference will bring more positive energy to their tasks.Ways to let employees be creative:

  • Take a brainstorm session outside
  • Host a walking meeting
  • Draw ideas from a suggestion box
  • Create a flexible workplace
  • Ask for regular, open feedback

Set aside time for employees to explore new skills. Let them take a new class or educational seminar. Allow department managers to conduct meetings outside the office. That kind of company investment may be the best investment for your brightest and most creative employees.

3. Add Conferences to the Annual Events Calendar

Conferences aren’t just for leadership. All departments should have the opportunity to go to a conference that will improve employee skill sets. By doing so, leaders help their teams stay in the forefront of industry trends. Local conferences can be just as helpful, too. Don’t forget online conferences and webinars, which are often cheaper and sometimes free compared to national events!In your city, look for:

  • Breakfast business gatherings
  • Luncheons (Chamber of Commerce, networking events, etc.)
  • Day-long, industry-related workshops
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Ask employees to find events they would like to attend and have department managers incorporate those into budgets. By asking for their feedback, beneficial conference opportunities may pop up that weren’t even on the company’s radar before asking for employee input.

4. Team Social Hour

Create a happy after-hours event for co-workers to gather outside the workplace. It doesn't always have to be an actual happy hour, either. The idea is to help employees and managers to get to know each other outside of work. Doing so can build stronger connections between team members and leadership. It also demonstrates leadership’s interest in employees as people. When appropriate, consider inviting families, too.After-hours work events can:

  • Boost employee collaboration
  • Encourage creativity
  • Increase productivity
  • Build stronger employee relationships

Make events lighthearted and fun for the best benefit. Outings like bowling, beach days, escape rooms, scavenger hunts, and BBQs are laid-back ways for employees and leadership to connect.

5. Volunteer as a Team

There's nothing like giving back together as a team. Not only is it great company PR, but it also helps employees feel like they're doing some good in the world. Take photos and celebrate the event in a company newsletter and on social media. Workers will love sharing their good deeds with others while also promoting your company’s volunteer work.Altruistic ventures to consider:

  • Tutoring local school kids
  • Community clean-ups
  • Walking adoptable dogs
  • Serving at soup kitchens
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Volunteermatch.org is a great place to get matched up to charities that are important to your local community. Set a date to volunteer as a team at a different charity each quarter.

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