5 Cool Tools for Your Desk to Boost Organization and Productivity
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5 Cool Tools for Your Desk to Boost Organization and Productivity

Whether you ever really give it much thought or not, your desk is a reflection of your work and your personality. Luckily, organized isn't a synonym for dull or sparse. Today we are taking a look at five things you can add to your personal work space that will keep you humming along at maximum efficiency while also allowing a little of your own style to shine through.

Multiport USB Charging Station

All too often these days our desks are becoming cluttered will USB cables as we just have so many things that need to be kept charged. Phones, iPads, headphones, tablets and lots of other tools all need USB charging and things can get very cluttered on your desktop very quickly.

A USB charging and storage station can be the answer to combating this problem. There are an increasing number of these available but we happen to love the one pictured here as it helps organize all those devices while also keeping them charged and can accommodate a number of different types of charging cable.

Decent Pens

Even in a digital age there are plenty of times throughout the work day when we all need a decent pen. And by decent we mean one that actually works. Cheap BICs are fine, and they are probably what is on offer in the office supply cabinet, but they do tend to give out and run out of ink quickly and at just the wrong time. Invest in a set of decent pens of your own instead, and to avoid having them 'disappeared' by the office pen hoarder (there's always one) have them monogrammed as well.

How to Keep Your Workplace Politically Neutral


Don't be that annoying person that disrupts every meeting by clicking away on your laptop or phone to take notes. Invest in a good old-fashioned notebook instead. And if you do want to make those notes digital later an app like any of these allows you to do so with ease. Invest in a set of good-looking ones and they will make your desk look nicer – and you more productive – as well.

Monitor Stand

Whether you use a laptop or a standard desktop PC at your desk, or both, keeping it flat on your desk is often bad for your back and your eyes. A laptop and/or desktop stand raises your monitor to a more comfortable level and many also offer you the chance to maximize your desk real estate as they offer storage underneath.

Washable Keyboard

Keyboards get grimy easily. Not only that but they are often germ magnets, whether you realize it our not. And air dusters and wipes, while OK, really don't do the best job possible. Enter the washable keyboard. There are lots available and some of them can even be rolled up and stored away in a desk drawer when not in use.

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